by Uncle Sugar

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Daniel Mayes
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Daniel Mayes What a great accidental discovery! Great singer/songwriter come band with wonderful smatterings of Beatlesesque pop, smooth charming vocals and a range of extra flavours throughout! You can hear my interview with them here: directory.libsyn.com/episode/index/id/4210343 Favorite track: What a Dream.
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This is the debut album of Uncle Sugar.

This album was written, performed, and recorded by Greg Warns unless otherwise noted.


released March 4, 2016

Thanks to Jon Gilad and Jackson Fulk-Logan for playing drums where noted. Thanks to WMFO studios for tracking drums for "Uncle Sugar".

Art by Francesca Kamio & Kyle V. Scott.

Kyle V. Scott:


Also, thanks to Front Porch Guitars and John Thayer Guitars.



all rights reserved


Uncle Sugar Poulsbo, Washington

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Track Name: Hourglass
Blame it on the hour glass
Someone's been pushing us too fast
It's just a consequence of
Wishful thinking and persistence

If it's not your opinion
Then I know that you're not willing
It's such a contradiction
When you try to lose tradition

All the time I'm holding back my tongue
Cause freedom isn't the same when you're young
Whisper slow and try to let it pass
Grains of sand have clogged the hour glass

When it's time I'm not sure if
I will have the strength to think it
Growing old takes so long
I hope that some day I'll carry on
Track Name: It Won't Last
Now if I knew that's what fueled me
I'd probably be better off
It's been too hard not to accept those thoughts

And if the tension broke me
Then surely time won't help
It's been too long to really care how I felt

It's just a product of movement
So you can surely put down the past
A push and pull in the nature
So let the feelings get to you now cause
It won't last

Now if the comfort pushed me
Then surely pain held me back
It's the in between that we really lack

Sure it's the conversation
That makes you want to dream
Of the connections that you've never seen


Now it's a graceful landing
To all the twists and turns
You know it's there, but you're still alert

The fear of easy answers
The truth of missing out
It's been oh so long so you must find out


It won't last
Track Name: The Better Change
Lady liberty, everywhere it seems
Talk tough and end my dreams
Take me under wing, put me under spell
Shatter the wishing well

Mama don't you stare me down to hard
You're getting kind of condescending like Talloires
Mama don't you look another way
Cause acting like it's normal is the better change

Soon we will expose, color is imposed
Love starts when heart is home
Slicing up the clouds, hit me when I'm down
Man hurts when truth is found


Sourced like the wind, from an empty place
I think I've tied the race
Hit me like it counts, knock me out of mind
Love is the truthful kind

Track Name: Under the Lights
Lights, fade away
Let her feel impatient
Dance, dance to say
That she knows frustration

Chance, come to me
Make it ever flowing
Stars, leave the day
Make the night worth knowing

Distraction isn't ever an evil
It's always a right
A right to detach from the perfection
Of your hindsight
She knows that every time she goes out there
Under the lights

Twist, turn to know
That she isn't stationed
There, where it pays
To be over patient

Track Name: Sea of Noise
Word has it, on the street
I'm the first one that you call
I'm the last one that you meet

No one said it, but it's clear
You're the shade that shuts it down
You're the noise that people fear

Heard the rumours, heard the talk
It's emptiness in your head
It's the sinking in your walk

Slammed the door, shook the wall
Screamed the silence at the screen
Took the blame for it all

So the problem, is the fix
Not the kind that set's you straight
Not the kind the kind that makes you fit

You can tell em, they won't hear
You can only sit and stare
Watch as fate shifts it's gears

I think I like the way I feel
I feel I like the lack of choice
Sinking in a sea of noise
Track Name: Not Like I've Been
Last night we learned
What makes you turn
Away from me
So fast when we
Hold hands trade stares
Become aware
Of all that we
Have failed see

It's not like I've been somewhere different
Haven't reached for a different branch
Haven't raced towards a different chance
Haven't lunged to a different stance
It's not like I've been different places
Haven't lived in a different time
Haven't looked for a different sign
Haven't seen a single star align

Last night we found
What brings you down
So hard so fast
When you get asked
What makes you click
What makes you think
Being alone
Has not been known


Yeah not like I've been
Track Name: Once Again
colonel said it, said it's a must
classist warfare never hurt us

you got my word, got my heart now
it's the time of year for fresh starts

brother no stop please, that's my brother
all that you impose is the color

manufacture ways to feel special
cause the heart break is fundamental

to all the colonel says to you

and the colonel sounds so sweet to you
and you thought that you could set out for pasture

step down from your wall
it's to late to defend
it's just as you promised
it's just as they said
once again
Track Name: What a Dream
In a world that's filled with abstract meaning
You think that there's a shooting star, you know the luck is where you are
In a place that thinks your on to something
No role can make you play the game, no one can make you feel the same

When you tear, it's the seam
You were full, full of steam
What a love, what a dream
What a stage, what a scene
What a feel, what a theme
What a love, what a dream

On a cloud that's denser than you'd want it
You find a little bit of rest, you finally accept the test
With a wave that slaps more than it should
Water rises above the air, you find that you have struck a snare
Track Name: Uncle Sugar
Hey Uncle Sugar where'd the pep go from your stride?
Whoever told you that you can drive when you're blind?
Buying more makeup will not get her where you want
Buying more armor will not give you more to flaunt

But is it new?
Same old you
Don't you see?
Dear Uncle Sugar, your girl ain't for me

Hey Santa Barbara Where'd the hope go from your eyes?
I should've warned you, there's a price for faking smiles
Ran through the gauntlet one more time to check for change
You were mistaken, but that fact should not seem strange

Hey comrade Eddie where'd the light go from the sky?
Barack won't tell me what's a truth and what's a lie
TV on RT got us fox-holed in the ground
Better than thinking that the world is safe and sound
Track Name: Nobody's Nonsense
Dusty like a corner
Isn't it so hard to blow it off
Dreary like a Wednesday
Rubbish bins are full of lucky shots
I have kept my promise
But I still can't quite connect the dots

Paper clips and blue pens
Still have my life firmly in your grasp
Breaths are often heavy
But at least I know they're gonna last
I have kept my promise
But I still will long for what has passed

Painted like a would grain
Smoother than a lie it still fools me
Speaking like it's scripted
Dancing like it's always the last beat
I have kept my promise
I have finished all that we agreed

Like the world spins, my heads where your not
As the sky turns, space is all we've got